The story began without us realizing it. We have both known each other for a long time, said Justė and Skaistė, looking at each other with a smile and trusting eyes. We grew up in the same slow town where everyone knows each other. Life went on and both lived in their own directions. Skaistė chose the path of awareness and traveled around the world guided by dance. Juste had to emigrate to Scandinavia after the extremely difficult birth of her son.
Brought to you by outdoor tennis
We lived comfortably in emigration, but it was a crucial time to choose: now or never. Our son had to start attending school, so it was a good time to decide in which culture we want to raise him, Justė said. Of course, we didn't have to wait long, we packed our things and headed towards our hometown. We didn't even consider the possibility of a big city, because growing up in Anykščiai was good for us. So when I returned to my hometown, where Skaistė had also returned, we met. Skaistė is our initiative, it always gathers and organizes. People thank her after seeing and traveling a lot, making Lithuania famous in the world with the folk and historical dance group "Gojus". So they didn't let me go either - I think they intuitively sensed my inner imbalance. That's how we became tennis partners.
Dark dark period
So successfully we used to meet at the courts by the river, and there was a lot of laughter and sweat there. Justė complained that she still urged herself to do sports in pain, because she was convinced that what she felt in her body, everyone felt, and the thought that if others can do it, you can too - was her motivation and engine that day. Everything hurt, really everything, from my joints to my organs, and I still tried to get over myself. Constant nausea, migraine headaches were already a daily routine. But eventually I gave up. How much can a person knock and seek help when the diagnosis is the same - a general blood test is ideal. So, without a doubt, psychosis was "diagnosed", I pretend to be healthy and look for illnesses for myself, Justė said. I remember she called me once, Skaistė recalled, and her voice sounded like a cry for help, but I just didn't understand it then. Just disappeared like water. I did not call, did not respond to messages. I asked her husband where she was, the only answer was that she had a severe migraine attack and was in the hospital. I instantly realized that something was wrong here... I realized that she had lost herself, and I kept thinking about how to find her and help her.
Friends are there to be around
I will always remember the people who stood by me when I didn't even believe in myself anymore. Skaistė was a friend who persistently, sometimes perhaps very directly and painfully, tried to help. Shoulder to shoulder, we walked back to the gym and bonded together. Although at that time I had little personal time, because I got a job where the working hours were long and took my last strength. But She always visited me, even at work. I remember that Skaistė celebrated her birthday in Israel and brought me a product, a key to self-confidence. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but the ultimate love and belief in what we were creating came in early spring. I was working myself up to the point of pain that my slowed pulse turned my words backwards, like someone rewinding a movie. Well, another help call to my friend... maybe you can come pick me up from work, I'm not feeling well. This call went all the way to the transplant department. And finally, with the efforts of family, husband and friends and doctors, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. Kidney damage is extensive, of course, the nervous system and many other aspects. In my opinion, the disease is not a reason I can be proud of. I can inspire how to not give up in illness and grab life by the handful. My tennis partner taught me this.
Trouble does not walk one by one
There was a moment when both of us were lying in Santariškės and carrying drips behind us. Skaistė felt ill and was diagnosed with pericarditis. Her experiences and research journey were not easy either. There have been so many things that when one is not capable, the other simply has to be stronger than both, and vice versa. It was difficult for me to understand how I was going to motivate her, not hide it, I was going for chemotherapy, because that was the treatment I was given to control the disease, and I really cried on the way. First of all, I went up to her on the sixth floor and I didn't know where else to get the positive. A lot of tears also broke out in front of her, but I probably never told her that, don't be angry, it was okay, but now I open my heart. Somehow we got out of it and became even stronger. I prayed over and over again that my friend would not have to have heart valve surgery, that we would find a way to make a miracle happen.
This is the beginning of a new journey
From such friendship was born an activity, the Israeli brand MyShemen, which we want to share with you and inspire confidence and joy! These are uniquely formulated natural oils for the whole family and for personal libido enhancement, and perhaps discovery. For us, this is not a business, it is a sisterhood and an activity that gives meaning to personal experiences and the desire to help others. Maybe it's the power of thoughts, maybe it's really a placebo, but if we have a "direct ticket" to self-confidence, it would be a sin not to share it. It is also a huge responsibility to represent this noble brand. The beginning of the story of MyShemen came from the pleasure massage oil, a unique product that was created by a Jewish worshiper. He used this oil to improve the ailments of a childhood friend suffering from breast cancer. Her body was completely desiccated from the treatment methods both inside and out. It was thanks to these products that she managed to recover and during the rest of the time she was able to experience moments of pleasure together with her lover. The girl, Tishane, unfortunately, has already left her fight, so we, carrying the crown of her personality positivity, responsibly continue the journey.
Remember, your pleasure is our inspiration.