Today we want to open up about the founders, the history and value of the products. It all started with a search for the intoxicating oil of pleasure.
Shani Leventer, a woman and one of the founders of the MyShemen brand, although she would be more suitable as an inspiration and muse. Today is exactly 19 months since Shani left us after a long journey and battle with breast cancer.
Shani always wanted to raise awareness, fought for the preservation of life energy and knew all the women who survived a difficult time on the oncological path. Longing to regain self-confidence and inspire all the women who traveled together, hoping to restore desire and passion during such a difficult time.
Sexual desire and reserve in general is a symbol of the passion of life, the pleasures of life, action and life and wild freedom.
She helped many women feel sexy and passionate in difficult times, always smiling, stylish and never short of beauty in life. Although there is a heavy, black cloud over the head of evil.
And that's how the community began, from another passion, treating "rehydration" to those suffering from true dehydration in all body systems as a result of chemotherapy treatments.
Dryness is symbolic, it reaches the body, but first it passes through our heart.
She fought to plant the seed of goodness in many women by first restoring faith and the inner intuition of a woman that is born in the heart.
We celebrate the day of her death, but she will forever remain a figure who founded and brought together, she is my guiding star today, I act according to her values!
In her company, for passion, for femininity, for a lioness who fights for her happiness at every stage of life.
Many are able to enjoy a product they believed in so much and returned to a passion during a dark period in their lives. She gave us hope. And we'll ask one thing in return - go and find out!